MHA Medical: The Best Products, The Best Service

Our mission is helping medical equipment manufacturers and dealers improve their business and better serve their patients in every way we can. We are here to help, so please feel free to contact us with any questions about our products and the companies we represent.


Our Products

MHA Medical sells, services and supports high-quality medical products to medical device dealers and distributors. We do not sell products to the general public. Please review the products and services we represent below and our products page and contact us directly. We are available and eager to assist in any way possible with:
  • CPAP Equipment and Supplies

  • Linen Goods
  • Misty Mountain CPAP Water
  • Orthopedic Devices
  • Venture Volt
  • Sleep Coaches

Our Satisfied Customers

Industry leaders in the medical device field depend on MHA medical to provide accurate, prompt delivery of products, as well as expertise in setting up devices and training patients in their use. 

MHA went above and beyond what was asked and sought other avenues to expand the product line within its territory.  MHA and Mr. Hagerman were always respectful, and the epitome of being professional. MHA set the bench mark and was always available and immediately followed through on all sales interests.  MHA would be a welcomed asset to any sales organization and will represent your product line with the attention and zeal any product manufacturer seeks.

 - Chris Bishop, Director of Sales & Business Development